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Renowned for his monumental figurative sculptures and breathtaking public art installations, South African artist Daniel Popper has captivated audiences worldwide. From an awe-inspiring colossal goddess at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas to a towering 12-meter-tall (39-foot-tall) forest deity at Boom Festival in Portugal, his extraordinary creations infuse enchantment and wonder into every location they

In the heart of a mystical forest, stands a tree like no other. Its mesmerizing presence captivates all who lay eyes upon it. With branches stretching out in intricate patterns, and leaves of vibrant hues, this tree is a true marvel of nature’s creativity. The trunk of this enigmatic tree possesses a twisted form, curving

During the events of World War II, the small village of lupków in Poland was almost completely destroyed. Today, only a few remnants of this small settlement remain, including the foundation of a church, a bell tower, and an abandoned cemetery. Unattended for decades, these markers have been reclaimed by nature in some amazing ways.

On the streets of Birmingham, just days before christmas last year, an elderly German shepherd-mastiff mix was found abandoned, hungry, and heartbroken. Luckily, this story has a happy ending just in time for this year’s christmas Day. The 10-year-old dog, named Molly-Moo, was picked up by West Midlands police and delivered to the Rspca. inspector

Meet Goma, Tokyo’s adorable “Mickey Mouse dog.” Many people on instagram have fallen in love with this 7-year-old cutie because of her huge, fluffy, gray ears, which make her look like a real-life cartoon mouse. We wish we could reach into our screens and hug her! Goma is a Maltese/Papillon mix, which means she possesses

Cats snuck into a room to hang out with a kitten and keep her company, after she had been rescued from the road. Butterscotch A little tortoiseshell was rushed to an emergency vet clinic after she had been found in a car accident. The kitten had a misaligned jaw, a fractured leg along with other

Milo the kitten was so small when he was found. Now, he fetches “gifts” for his humans each day. Milo was just a tiny newborn when he was found by a concerned citizen. He was all alone, hungry, and cold, and his cat mom never came back for him. Without a mother, he was in

A cat went from hiding under a tool box away from other street cats to being in people’s arms in two days. Chiffon the calico cat A Good Samaritan from the Bronx reached out to their local (all-volunteer) animal rescue, Little Wanderers NYC, about a stray cat hiding away under a tool case. The young

A cat made a guy his forever human by standing on him after he’d waited nearly half a year for a home. Georgie the shoulder cat A friendly stray cat was found living on the streets and ready to move indoors. He was brought in to an animal shelter to look for a home, but

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